SDI Technologies GmbH is building Software for your administrative processes in many different domains.
From simple interfaces for the processing of third party-files (e.g. csv or xml) to complex reservation systems
with integrated maintenance and invoicing, we offer a wide variety of individual solutions.


Our Approach:

Simple and functional Software, tailored for the user's specific needs with a very short 'Return-Of-Investment' (ROI). Your expenses might be redeemed after a few weeks.

SDI Technologies GmbH uses simplicity and hence focuses on the customer's real requirement. We build - if needed - exactly customized interfaces for optimal data treatment.

The export of data will be prepared for the environment you are already used to. That means, in the case you are using MS Office products, the extracts will be an MS Word document, an MS Excel table, an Outlook entry and much more and thereafter can be edited in any way you want.

An appointment, an e-mail or a text message can be created and saved/sent just on a simple click.






Take a short moment and let us show you your potential for optimization!


You will be surprised, how easy you can have it easier.

Have a look at out product samples for better understanding...